I has awesome.



Some good ole’ times had in this hodgepodge mix of footage i’ve been sitting on. Enjoy!

My good friend Josh, that I am truly proud to call “brother”, has introduced me to the world of “motovlogging”. This is an apparent marriage of riding motorcycles, videotaping everything, and then sharing it with the world. Whoodathunkit. But, it’s pretty damn entertaining. His YouTube channel can be found HERE. His videos are pretty fucking entertaining and he pitches the lifestyle, the fun we all have at The Dirty Shame, and sometimes he even has my crazy ass in his videos.

Here’s his latest with a cameo of me in a thong:

Make sure you check back here for his and my own (soon to be made) videos. Now if I can only figure out how to make them!

Uploaded my first video! 2 Jun 2015

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