I has awesome.


Ken Block drifts…. Irwindale?!

So, this little diddy is short, sweet and rock fucking solid. Get ready for your pants to get super tight up front!

Big thanks to the HOONIGANS for getting this out there!


look whose car made it to the Blasfome blog!

BLASFOME Sticker Sightings


Interpretative Butter Dance…?

I have seen many things in my days. I have seen death, love, hate and fear. I have seen souls lifted and hearts crushed. I have seen the downtrodden and the rich in spirit. What i have NOT seen, is a fat woman continuously fall into large bricks of butter while putting on some retarded artsy dance.

God, please just kill us all. We don’t deserve to live.

WATCH THIS VIDEO (and help my buddy Andy win something cool)

My bro Andy managed to bust out another sweet little video, this time playing around in a skate park with a bitchin’ R/C car.. czech it out for yourself!

Florida takes over Formula D!!



So many fresh faces this year in Formula D! This weekend is their Long Beach, CA round and it proves to be pretty gnarly!! Lots of luck to the local Florida boys, Pat, Chelsea & J-Lowe… plus the boys from Lutz Performance doing big things with Kenny Moen! Looking good guys! Watch the Formula D live feed right here!


Time for some new pants…

AMS is always doing big things, but 233mph in the new GTR? Intense.

Sliding out of control due to a road imperfection and wrangling it back into shape at that speed? Fully Sick.


Check out the new trailer from my good friend, Johnny Brajdic! This man is a genius at special effects and this film should prove no less than gratuitously gory!!


Big props to BLASFOME clothing being the main sponsor for WHOISDURDAN.com!! Got my first fun pack and i couldn’t be happier! These guys offer some real quality clothing! Rad as fuck designs and even better vinyl. Be sure to czech back in for future posts and pictures of me acting like a total jackass while sporting their threads!

Mopeds, Pabst and Fire

Had an amazing time this weekend in Inverness, FL riding with the Swoops, Slow Goers and the Whiteline Riders. Thanks to Brent K for hosting the event and showing everyone tons of love! My ped hasn’t been this fast in such a long time, we were TEARING up the streets! It was truly good times, with great friends. Pics to come soon!

(Photo Credit to Nick)

Click the above photo to go to the Usual Suspects page!


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