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RIP Yellow Lab Volcano

Sad to say, but it was doomed before it was ever started. Our good buddy from America’s top hat, Sasha, opened up his newest shop iteration: OnPoint Dyno

Much to the chagrin of the Ziptied community, he strayed away from our recommendations of calling this new facility, “Yellow Lab Dyno”. Such a shame. Sure, his shop name brings to mind young, slender women gallivanting about on their tiptoes to some glass armonica whilst being thrown by some big dicked Russian of equal stature, but YLV just DOES something for us instead.

mmmm… sugar plums

That being said, We wish him the best with this new endeavor. Sasha offers mobile dyno tuning where he “brings the party to you!”

Contact him via his FB fan page: HERE

And then lament the awesomeness that could have been “Yellow Lab Volcano”


RIP 2012 – 2012